Pups Galore PJ's & Pastel Paradise Bows

One of my very first trips to Spotlight on my sewing and small business journey, I spotted the fabric. Dogs, dogs, dogs, pups galore! Even better, dogs in bandanas! The cutest, softest flannelette materiel. I'd already made the decision, there was no way I was leaving the store without a few meters of this gorgeous fabric.


The Fabric I Instantly Fell in Love With

Fast-forward a few late night, coffee fueled months of sewing, learning, launching & selling out - it was time for our second product launch. Design a product, create a pattern, test it out, sew a bunch & list on our website all in a month? Game on.

The PJ's I Ended Up Designing & Crafting

Designing is aways the fun part & I'd already chosen & bought my fabric.