Are all products limited edition?

Yes! Each item that goes out is handmade by Kirstie. Once all items are sold, they're gone for good. Only a handful of each size will be made. 

When are new products released?

One new product will be released monthly, keep an eye on our Instagram page for exact release dates and any possible special edition runs (such as separate Christmas special runs).

Will previously launched items come back?

No, once a product sells out, it's gone for good. 

Do you do custom sizing?

Products are all pre-made before launch in Small/Medium/Large. Custom sizing is not possible, sorry! 

What size is my dog?

Our pug CEO Otis wears a size medium in all our brands products. Most small-medium dogs will fit into our sizing, see the size chart below for reference. 

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! Shipping prices vary from country to country.